The Challenges of Dressing Pregnant

I kept all of my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Lincoln but for one reason or another they are either too big (for right now) or I just don’t like them anymore.

Thankfully I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants with the help of a belly band (or t-shirt extender as we like to call them, this way I can still wear them when I’m not pregnant and want a little extra coverage) and although my tops are tighter in the stomach area I can still wear them.

But not everything is fitting the way it should including my running tops. They are getting too tight and have a tendency to ride up my belly while I a running. Thankfully, I solved this problem with a little help from my friend online shopping.

I stumbled upon while searching for maternity running clothes. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money since I won’t be wearing them for too long but I knew I needed something. I had tried just buying larger sizes in regular running clothes but the bottom line is that maternity clothes are made for a growing belly (long length, more belly room) and that’s what I needed.

I chose the Pool Maternity Performance Long Sleeve.


The thumbs holes, and the sale price, sold me on this particular shirt.

It arrived on the weekend and I love the light weight material. It is going to be perfect for the upcoming months while the weather is still cool and will be perfect for when I retreat to my basement for a treadmill run when the weather gets too hot. I bought it a size up so there is room to grow and I don’t mind the looser fit right now. I’ve been wearing it on my runs this week and it is super comfortable and stays in place without riding up. If you’re anything like me then you know there are few things more annoying than tugging on a shirt while you run.

I also bought my first pair of compression socks at the same time.

I tried running with them on but quickly learned that was not going to work for me. My calves felt really tight and I had to roll them down about a mile into my run. I put them back on after my run and wore them at work for the rest of the afternoon and love them as a recovery tool. My only complaint is I wish they went up over my knees because I feel like I could use a bit of compression in that area. Needless to say this won’t be my last piece of compression wear.


runningskirts also has some fabulous customer service. I originally ordered the compression socks in blue but they were all out when they were processing my order. They contacted me right away and then sent out the purple socks via priority post so I got them in record time. I love companies that not only ship to Canada from the States but that also offer reasonable shipping.

I don’t have the guts to try out a running skirt yet but maybe after the baby arrives.

I’m in no way affiliated with runningskirts but highly recommend them if you are looking for quality running gear, especially if you are pregnant and have reached that point where your normal clothes just don’t fit right.


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