Whole30 Week Two

I’ve reached the half-way point of my Whole30 and I honestly feel great. I’m more tired than usual but I’m attributing that to early morning wake-ups than anything food related. I have substantial energy all day but once I have a chance to sit down all bets are off and I’m more than ready for bed. In fact, I fall asleep in the boys bed every night during his bedtime routine.

Fact: that above paragraph was written a few days ago and I’m just now getting around to finishing this post. And honestly, while I do still feel great I’ve also been experiencing major cravings for the past two days. And with that being said let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this past week.

How I Feel

As I wrote above, I’m feeling great overall with the exceptions of major food cravings. The cravings have come and gone this whole time but this weekend they were at an all-time high.

I wanted it all, even the things I don’t normally crave. At the top of the list? Potato chips.

Then today something got the best of me and I ate some yogurt covered raisins.

Not Whole30 or paleo approved.

Not something I was craving but was there.

I’m already feeling the effects of the sugar rush but the bag is put away and I’m moving on.

A minor slip-up aside I’m actually feeling really good in the sense that I feel lighter than I have in a while. Not lighter in the *my clothes fit better and the numbers are going down* sense but in the *my body is digesting the food I am feeding it* sense and I like it. My head feels clearer and my skin is definitely less dry. I do need to focus more on drinking my water on my days off but overall I’m happy with how everything is going so far.

Helping/Hindering My Running

This is a difficult one to judge as I’m still resting my foot because of this self-diagnosed (no worries, I’m still going to the doctor on Wednesday) injury. I’ve stuck to my bike trainer and have been wearing my running shoes around the house to help the healing process. My foot feels better but I don’t want to push it so I’m taking this week off too and hope to be back on the road this weekend.

Although my injury occurred at the same time I started the Whole30 I don’t believe it is anything more than an unfortunate coincidence. This is a cross training related injury (I can pin point the moment it happened in my mind) so I’m not worried. I just want to get better and I’m about 91% there.

My Relationship With Food

This week has been a tough one. I’ve had major cravings and on top of that the desire to sit on the couch and mindlessly eat a bag of chips while watching brain-melting TV. This is why I’m not feeling guilty about the yogurt craisin mishap. I was very mindful of the fact that I was eating those little sugar bombs and that’s a big step. I acknowledged it and I moved on. The biggest step of all is writing about it here. Normally, I would have pushed it out of my own head and pretended it didn’t even happen. And tell someone about it? Heck no. Wouldn’t have happened. But I’m human and I recognize that given my personality this won’t be the last time this happens (at least for a while) but I’m learning it’s not the end of the world and not an open invitation to continue to eat all the food in the house.

Baby steps.


With two weeks left I’m really liking the paleo lifestyle. I see so many possibilities for continued success once the Whole30 is over by sticking with a paleo way of eating. I’m trying hard to stay away from the SWYPO food during these 30 days but I know it will make paleo more sustainable once they are over.

What do you do when cravings hit?


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Warning: Injured Runner Ahead


I’m semi-convinced I need to stop talking about my running goals because it seems like I get into a groove and then bam, injured.

Yes, I’m being overly melodramatic but such is the nature of a runner currently sidelined from doing what they love.

Warning: Injured runner ahead. Signs include wearing running shoes at all times and KT tape attached to the injured body part.


I thought it was all behind me after taking a few days off last week but then two runs on the weekend has landed me back where I started. Thanks to the power of the internet and fellow runners I have self-diagnosed myself with metatarsalgia, or in layman’s terms a stone-bruise, on the ball of my foot. It’s painful and I just want it to go away. I can’t get in to see the doctor until Wednesday of next week but I’m hoping it is gone by then.

I’m resting it the best I can, a difficult task with two kids, icing it at night, wearing my running shoes all the time despite feeling like a dork while doing so, and applying this as often as I can:


It feels the best when I wear my running shoes and the worst when I’m barefoot. Mornings are great because it’s had a chance to rest all night but as the day progresses so does the discomfort.

The most annoying part is it’s a result of cross training, the very thing us runners are encouraged to do to prevent injury.

Darn burpees and jump squats.

So I’m trying to focus on the positives and keep reminding myself that a week or two off is better than a month, a year, or longer. My first half marathon is on March 1 and right now I just want to make it to the start, and then finish, line in one piece.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my bike trainer down in the basement.


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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Whole30 Week One and my relationship with food

Remember this post where I started off by writing that I get bored easily with eating plans?


Do you also remember when I said I really liked the FMD and that I would continue to stick with it throughout the holidays? Well that didn’t happen and now we are in 2014 and nothing has changed. It’s a new year and therefore a new way of eating for me that I’m trying for the next 30 days.

As you can probably guess from the title of this post that way of eating is the Paleo Diet, and more specifically the Whole 30.

And you’re probably thinking *why can’t this girl just find something she likes and stick to it?* or maybe not but believe me that’s what goes through my own head on almost a daily basis. Why can’t I just find something I like and stick to it? Why am I so fixated on food, and eating plans, and losing weight? Why can’t I just eat without thinking so darn much about it. Why this. Why that. So many whys. And I honestly have no answers for you right now. I have a lot to tell you (over the next year) about how I got to this place (or at the very least you’ll learn more about me and my relationship with food ) but the why of *why, at almost 34 am I still in this mindset* is something I’m hoping to discover this year.

And I’m hoping the Whole30 is the stepping stone and starting off point to this discovery. I never had any intentions of trying the paleo diet or the Whole30 even though I’ve heard many a great things about it from friends and other bloggers. I’m not sure why I never took the plunge but after a week or so I was finally convinced by my sister-in-law to give it a try. It’s only 3o days, right? And she did do the FMD with me so it’s the least I can do since she loves it so much.

So here I am one week into the Whole30 and so far so good. The thing I love most about this program is it is 100% free if you want it to be. All of the resources are available online and everything you need to know (not to be confused with the stuff you may want to know) can be found there. I printed off the information I felt I needed to and went from there (combined with a million and one texts to the SIL). There is also the option to buy the book It Starts With Food which has more info, testimonials, meal maps, and recipes. Dallas and Melissa (the minds behind the Whole30) encourage you to only weigh-in and measure twice during the 30 days: once at the beginning and then again at the end. So even though I may or may not have stepped in the scale again since starting, in the interest of attempting to follow the Whole30 to a T, I won’t be sharing any weight- or inch-losses with you until the end.

Instead I’d like to focus on other things. Like how I feel. How it is improving/hindering my running. How it is (fingers crossed) helping me build a better relationship with food.

How I Feel

Like I said I’m one week into the Whole30 so how I’m feeling right now probably isn’t how I’ll be feeling next week, or the week after that. The first week of a new eating plan (I’m going to refrain from using the word diet) is always the worse. Eliminating sugar alone sends your body into detox mode so I (and my family) have been dealing with headaches, grumpiness, fatigue, etc. I’ve dealt with cravings, hunger, not being hungry, lack of inspiration, and really just plain annoyance because I was stuck in the you-can’t-have-this-so-you-must-think-about-it-24-7 mindset. It doesn’t help matters when you are constantly pinning recipes that, although Paleo, are not Whole30 compliant. Or as Dallas and Melissa refer to them as Sex With Your Pants On food. Paleo pizza, paleo brownies/cakes/muffins, paleo pancakes, etc. all of those things exist but should be avoided on the Whole30 even though they would make following the plan infinitely better, but that’s not really the point. Overall I fell good though. Less bloat for sure, and my pants fit they way they did before the holidays so that’s a bonus.

Helping/Hindering my Running

Again, it’s only week one but I did run twice this weekend (my first half-marathon of 2014 is quickly approaching)with one 3-mile run and a longer 5-mile run. I’ve had to fuel differently before my runs (opting for banana and almond butter, and dates) but there were no problems energy-wise with those choices. I’m not sure if it’s helping (definitely no hindrance to report) or if my running has just improved but I did run my 5-miles in under an hour, and over 2-minutes faster than my last 5-mile run so that’s something to be excited about. Only time will tell.

My Relationship With Food

This is another one that will take time. However, I am learning to listen to my body more by eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full. I realize this may seem like a no-brainer but trust me, it’s not for me and a lot of people. I’m very much an all or nothing girl but thankfully this trait normally only rears its ugly head when I’m eating my definition of junk food. I do find myself looking at recipes more this week and while this also may seem innocent enough it really isn’t because it just means I’m thinking about food when I’m not eating and I’m working on getting away from that.


So there you have it. My first week of The Whole30. I’m not completely miserable and know it will get easier. I also know this is the strictest form of Paleo so I’m not letting these 30 days shape my overall thoughts on this way of eating.

On to week 2…

Have you ever completed the Whole30? Do you eat Paleo? Thoughts?


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2014 Race Schedule

Well, we’re a week into the new year and since I’m not quite ready for my resolutions/intentions/goals/whathaveyous for 2014 I thought I would pop in and fill you in on my almost-complete 2014 race schedule.

I’ll be running a lot of the same races that I ran last year and I am just as excited. For me these races are more than just about the actual race day, they are about the weekend and time spent with friends and family. I’m already registered for some, have my phone alarm set for others, and just need to trust my heart and sign-up for one (eek).

Let me know if you’ll be running any of these races too.

2014 Race Schedule (edit: I’ve already made a change)

March 1 – Snake River Canyon Half-Marathon, Pullman, WA (registered)

May 4 – BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon, Vancouver, BC (registered)

July 19 – JLB Memorial Kettle River Run, Midway, BC (tentative)

August 23 – Lululemon SeaWheeze, Vancouver, BC (waiting for registration to open, and yep, still a fan of the brand)

August 30 – Suffer Fest 10K trail race, Kaslo, BC (tentative)

September 27 – Happy Girls Run, Spokane, WA  (waiting for registration to open and excited for this new-to-Spokane women’s only race)

October 12 – BMO Okanagan Full Marathon, Kelowna, BC (eep, registration is open, I know I want to run this as my second full, I just need to go for it)

October 26 – Rock n Roll Vancouver Half-Marathon, Vancouver, BC (registered and oh so excited!)

I think I got them all. I’m sad I won’t get to run in Nova Scotia again this year but such is life when plane tickets cost an arm and a leg.

What races are you running this year?


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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My #YearofRunning13

I’ve been reading other #YearofRunning13 posts all month and decided to join in on the fun started by Miss Zippy and share my #YearofRunning13. Check out the link up to read more and add your own.

Best race experience

I never really discussed it much here on the blog but I ran my first full marathon back in May and it is definitely up there as one of my best race experiences. I ran it with my friend Krista, for Team Fox, on behalf of my father-in-law, and just nine-months after having our daughter. Perhaps the best part about the race was giving my father-in-law my medal later that year.

team fox medal
Best run

I run alone 90% of the time so any chance I get to run with Krista and Leanne is a good one. Usually those runs are reserved for races but this year we were able to run the Columbia River Trail together as a training run and it was so much fun.

columbia river trail


Best new piece of gear

I purchased my first pair of trail running shoes this year, and ran my first trail race, and since running shoes and clothes are the only new gear I got this year I’m going to choose those. They have actually become my winter running shoe of choice too since they have added traction.

winter run 2
Best piece of running advice you received

Is it bad that I’m choosing advice I gave myself? It was more of a reminder following my lost PR at the SeaWheeze in August but it’s something I kept with me for the next two races I ran.

I can think about all the things I could have changed or done differently all I want but it really doesn’t matter because I can’t go back and change the outcome. All I can do is use what I have learned at my next race and move forward.

Most inspirational runner

I am inspired by so many runners but I’m going with Matt Mitchell, Team Fox mentor and speedy runner. This year Matt and his friend Amar Kuchinad challenged each other to run the 2013 NYC Marathon in under 3 hours all while contributing to the work of the Michael J. Fox Foundation in its efforts to cure Parkinson’s Disease. They fell short of their goal but Matt’s positivity and optimism, not to mention all the work he does for and with Team Fox, are what make him an inspiration to me.

matt mitchell team fox

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Running is a privilege I hope I never take for granted, even on the bad days.

How was your #Yearof Running13?


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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Christmas Pictures Make Me Smile

I hope and trust that all of you had a wonderful Christmas Day. It was a busy one over here that’s for sure! A 4 1/2 year-old and an almost 17-month-old makes for one fun, hectic, exciting Christmas morning.

But it all started the night before.

We put out cookies and milk for Santa.

christmas 2

christmas 3

Sprinkled the reindeer food on the lawn so Rudolph could find our house.

christmas 1

Santa visited all the houses in Midway via fire truck to make sure all the kids were ready for bed.

christmas 4

Andrew and I assembled a play kitchen that came in a bazillion pieces.

And we almost had a near disaster on our hands when Linc came upstairs while we were working on the kitchen. Thankfully the kitchen was a gift from Nanny and Poppy, and Santa had not been to our house yet so we put him back to bed and he stayed there until morning – phew!

Linc was sad Christmas Eve because he didn’t want Kipper his elev to leave but he was fine in the morning.

I didn’t take very many pictures as I was too busy enjoying the moment and joining in on the fun, but here are a few from throughout the day – both kids have been getting hours of entertainment out of the kitchen already.





christmas 5

christmas 7

christmas 6

Santa was good to me too. Goodbye iPhone 3GS – hello iPhone 5s.


Only a few more days left in 2013!


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


The Simmonds Family

BC Simmonds Family

Lessons from my four-year-old

This morning Lincoln woke up to find that Kipper (our Elf on the Shelf) had taken his advent calendar (an individually wrapped Christmas book for each day counting down until Christmas) back to the North Pole with him and left it there.

I had reservations about following through on this *threat* of sorts that I made yesterday fearing it would scar him or make him too upset, but now that it’s done I’m glad we did it. I know there are parents (and non-parents) out there who disagree with using the Elf for ensuring their kids are good leading up to Christmas but we fall into the *agree* category.

You see, for the past week Teagan (17-months) has come to realize that it’s fun to open presents and doesn’t want to just sit on the sidelines and watch her brother open the book each morning. This has led to Lincoln getting upset because the *presents are HIS* and he fights with his sister, who has already learned to fight back making the situation even worse. So in an attempt to stop the fighting (on his end because she really doesn’t understand why she can’t participate) I told him Kipper would be taking the rest of the books back to the North Pole until he could be nice to his sister.

And I think it worked.

Better than I expected, because when Lincoln woke up this morning and his books were gone he understood why.

There were no tears, no whining, just an acceptance on his part. Sure he asked if Kipper was going to bring them back (I would want to know the same thing if I was his age) and we told him if he was a good boy today then Kipper would let Santa know and bring them back tomorrow.

And so far so good.

Truth be told his fixation on *stuff* leading up to Christmas had  started to worry me that I was creating a monster with my book-a-day advent calendar. That he was missing the other part of the holidays and was only interested in getting, getting, getting. That I wasn’t doing my job as a parent to teach him that the holidays are more than just getting stuff but are about family, friends, and the overall spirit of the holidays.

Until he taught me otherwise.

And I added another item to my Lessons from my four-year-old list.

We baked and decorated gingerbread men this morning. When they were all done I asked him to pick out two for Santa and we would put them in the freezer until Christmas Eve. Once those cookies were chosen and placed carefully in the freezer he turned to me and asked who the other cookies were for.

So I asked him “who do you want to give  them to?”

And he proceeded to list off a bunch of people in our neighbourhood. We packaged them up and he personally delivered them this morning.

It made me realize that I need to give him more credit as a human being. He may be four, and he may not show it all the time, but he gets what it means to think of others.

So for that, I am grateful for today’s Elf on the Shelf experience.

Not just for him but for me too.

What lessons have you been taught by a child?


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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Half-marathon Training for 2014

I had been lacking any sort of motivation to run for the past week or so and couldn’t quite figure out how to kick my own butt into gear.

And then I realized that my first half-marathon of 2014 is just 11 weeks away.

And that’s when half-marathon training for 2014 officially began.

winter run 3

I had to skip week one of the 12-week plan to fit my timeline but I’m confident starting my long runs at 6 miles.

One of my main running goals for 2014 is to get faster, and that’s why I chose the Intermediate training plan. Right now the thought of speed work slightly scares me but I know it needs to be done in order to reach my goal. Training in the winter will mean most of those speed sessions will be done indoors on my treadmill because the road and trail conditions can change daily, which I know can alter my pace.

The first few weeks I plan to do the majority of my mid-week runs during my lunch break, but as the mileage increases as the weeks go on I may have to move them indoors as well. I only have an hour for lunch and it might not be enough time to get the miles in.

The temperature this week was ideal to get my motivation going again but I still had to break out the yak trax so I could stay upright.

winter run 2

I didn’t have to wear a hat or gloves and am happy we are no longer experiencing freezing cold temperatures like we were a couple of weeks ago (for now at least).

winter run 1

I’m still adding races to my 2014 race schedule (another post for another time) but my first race of the year will be the Snake River Canyon Half-marathon. This is a small race capped ay 700 (and already sold out) that my friends and I did in 2013 as well. It will also be the first girls-only trip of the year.

Have you started training for any 2014 races? How is it going?


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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Elf on the Shelf Week 2

Quick little rundown of what Kipper the Elf has been up to in our Elf on the Shelf Week 2 recap. In the world of elf fun he is a bit on the boring side but we like it that way.

And by we I mean me.

Monday he made a snow angel out of some sugar.

day 9

Lincoln decided to test his boundaries by eating some of the sugar.

day 9_2

He was careful not to touch Kipper but definitely got a kick out of the tiny amount of creativity I mustered for Monday :)

day 9_3

Tuesday was spent in the window next to the frost.

day 10

Wednesday he left a message on the chalkboard for Lincoln and Teagan.

day 11

Thursday he climbed the spice shelves.

day 12

Friday he tried to eat some of the gingerbread house. Good thing it’s rock hard so nothing was eaten.

day 13

Saturday he climbed into the milk jug we leave out for Santa.

day 14

And Sunday he hung out on the ski wall hanging that is currently being used as ornament storage.

day 15

And just because it’s cute to see her try to keep up with her big brother, here is Teagan helping Lincoln hang the number on the countdown tree.


Are you ready for Christmas?!


I don’t post to the blog every day, but I do post my workouts, family fun, occasional eats, and more on Instagram daily {simmondsfam}.

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