Warning: Injured Runner Ahead


I’m semi-convinced I need to stop talking about my running goals because it seems like I get into a groove and then bam, injured.

Yes, I’m being overly melodramatic but such is the nature of a runner currently sidelined from doing what they love.

Warning: Injured runner ahead. Signs include wearing running shoes at all times and KT tape attached to the injured body part.


I thought it was all behind me after taking a few days off last week but then two runs on the weekend has landed me back where I started. Thanks to the power of the internet and fellow runners I have self-diagnosed myself with metatarsalgia, or in layman’s terms a stone-bruise, on the ball of my foot. It’s painful and I just want it to go away. I can’t get in to see the doctor until Wednesday of next week but I’m hoping it is gone by then.

I’m resting it the best I can, a difficult task with two kids, icing it at night, wearing my running shoes all the time despite feeling like a dork while doing so, and applying this as often as I can:


It feels the best when I wear my running shoes and the worst when I’m barefoot. Mornings are great because it’s had a chance to rest all night but as the day progresses so does the discomfort.

The most annoying part is it’s a result of cross training, the very thing us runners are encouraged to do to prevent injury.

Darn burpees and jump squats.

So I’m trying to focus on the positives and keep reminding myself that a week or two off is better than a month, a year, or longer. My first half marathon is on March 1 and right now I just want to make it to the start, and then finish, line in one piece.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my bike trainer down in the basement.


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  1. Aww get better soon!


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