Christmas Pictures Make Me Smile

I hope and trust that all of you had a wonderful Christmas Day. It was a busy one over here that’s for sure! A 4 1/2 year-old and an almost 17-month-old makes for one fun, hectic, exciting Christmas morning.

But it all started the night before.

We put out cookies and milk for Santa.

christmas 2

christmas 3

Sprinkled the reindeer food on the lawn so Rudolph could find our house.

christmas 1

Santa visited all the houses in Midway via fire truck to make sure all the kids were ready for bed.

christmas 4

Andrew and I assembled a play kitchen that came in a bazillion pieces.

And we almost had a near disaster on our hands when Linc came upstairs while we were working on the kitchen. Thankfully the kitchen was a gift from Nanny and Poppy, and Santa had not been to our house yet so we put him back to bed and he stayed there until morning – phew!

Linc was sad Christmas Eve because he didn’t want Kipper his elev to leave but he was fine in the morning.

I didn’t take very many pictures as I was too busy enjoying the moment and joining in on the fun, but here are a few from throughout the day – both kids have been getting hours of entertainment out of the kitchen already.





christmas 5

christmas 7

christmas 6

Santa was good to me too. Goodbye iPhone 3GS – hello iPhone 5s.


Only a few more days left in 2013!


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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.
    It’s great to get into the spirit.

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