Rest Day Randoms – dog, trees, rooms, crafts, & tummy time

1. Glenn has this thing where if any type of clothing, blanket, towel, etc. is on the floor then he needs to lay down on it. Lately, this means the girl’s tummy time area gets confiscated by him.


2. Andrew had to go fall some trees on the weekend on our way to town. Lincoln and I watched as he fell them but Linc was more than happy to help pile the wood.



3. The boys room is finally done, which means we can finally move the girl out of our room. Hers is still a work in progress but its coming along nicely.



4. We got crafty this week. I had visions of making ghosts but this is what the final result was.


5. Tummy time!



  1. elizabeth hicks says:

    Cant wait to get with you guys I miss you so much Love mom

  2. Love the room!! I just love that babies face, wish I could scoop her up and squeeze her :)

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