Rest Day Randoms – monthday, Netflix, play group, 90210, first race

1. The girl is now two-months old and she has officially started smiling.


2. We don’t have cable or satellite so we recently signed-up for Netflix. We are currently obsessed with Breaking Bad.

3. If he wanted to Lincoln could attend play group (also known as Strong Start) everyday, Monday to Friday, in three different communities all within a 10 minute drive. This week we set out to just that and I’m not going to lie, I kind of felt like I was stalking the lady who runs the program.

4. Netflix has allowed me to catch up on the new 90210. Now I am rewatching the original series from the beginning. Dylan makes my heart melt.


5. Thursday marked my last run until my 10K on Sunday. I’m feeling great and can’t wait to have fun and kick some butt. If the weather this week has been any indication of what it will be like on race day then I better remember to pack my long sleeves. Start time is 8:15 am.

Tell me something random about your week.


  1. My daughter and I saw your baby’s face on Instagram last night and thought it was the sweetest smile!! Best of luck on your 10k- sounds like you’re ready!

  2. I have a rest day today, too! Love these randoms. Back at it tomorrow…you?!

  3. ohmygosh that smile! I love when they start to smile. It melts your heart, doesn’t it? Kind of like Dylan McKay. sigh…

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