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This upcoming weekend I will be running my first race since the girl was born two months ago.

But that’s not the only first I will be experiencing.

This weekend will also be the first time I am away from the girl for more than a couple of hours.

Yes, I will be leaving my family at home while I run my first race with two of my friends.

Before anyone freaks out about the fact I am leaving my two-month-old overnight please remember that everyone’s situation is different. Even though I do breastfeed I also must supplement her feedings with a bottle. As a result, she will be fine at home with her father and I will be fine in a hotel with a breast pump.

The original plan was to get a hotel room and go as a family but my husband suggested I go alone for a couple of reasons:

1. He feels it is important that I get a bit of a break and time to myself.

2. It will be infinitely easier for our three-year-old to be at home than in a hotel room, especially when the girl requires attention.

I had to think about it for a few days because at first I felt bad about even considering leaving my family. Then I realized it really would be best for the reasons stated above.

We did a test run last Friday where my husband got up with the girl throughout the night for feedings. I still woke-up too to pump but he did all the bottle feeding.

Both of them passed with flying colours.

But really, at the end of the day, this is what is best for my husband and what he would prefer to do so I can run.

And the way I see it, he trusts me to be home alone with our kids so there is no reason why I shouldn’t trust him to do the same.

Besides, I’ve never met a person, male or female, who can handle the sound of a crying baby better than my husband.

Dirty diapers are a whole other story.

When you go to races do you prefer to go with family, friends, or solo?


  1. Wow, that’s impressive! I just had my first night away from my twins in August and they are 2 yrs. I should have done it earlier but I personally felt guilty for leaving my hubs alone with them for 2 days.Have fun, enjoy your race and the kid free time!:)

  2. I hope your race goes well! That is so sweet and supportive of your husband!

  3. misszippy1 says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you are getting a little “me” time right now. Enjoy your race AND your alone time. It will recharge you!

    I tend to go to races with my friends. I’ve been at it so long, it’s really not fun for my husband and kids to come out and watch me!

  4. I am so happy that you have such a supportive husband that means so very much! I think it is important for you to get some time to yourself with your friends where you can focus on you a bit and enjoy your race, not that family time isn’t wonderful, but sometimes moms need “me” time. Being a new mom myself, I totally get that and I really hope you enjoy your time – although I am sure you will miss your little one and your husband the whole time as well! Good luck at your race, I am sure you will rock it!!!

  5. I would never have even thought to worry about your husband and kids. It sounds like the best decision for everyone. If transportation is an issue, I like my husband to be my “sherpa” but otherwise I like to be alone. I’m not the best company before a race — between ovbsessively rechecking everything and going to the bathroom every 5 min — and afterwards I usually just want to get coffee and a shower ASAP. Enjoy your time with your friends! ;-)

  6. Awesome! Enjoy…all of it! :)

    Good luck!

  7. For similar reasons my husband and son stay at home for all my races too. While I miss the support, it is nice to have the me time…and get a restful nights sleep! Good luck mama

  8. you go girl! thats awesome you have such a supporting husband! kick butt at your race!

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