Running with friends

I am generally a solo runner.

This has more to do with the fact that not a lot of people run where I live rather than me not wanting to run with people.

I have attempted to fun with various friends before but it has never really worked out. We are all mothers with young children so it is difficult to find a time that works best for everyone involved.

Until now.

Yes, I finally have a running buddy and I couldn’t be more excited.

I knew I needed to find someone to run with now that the days are getting shorter. The only time I can get out for a run without the kids is once my husband gets home from work. By the time we have supper and I get ready it is already getting dark. I am not interested in running by myself in the dark.

I also knew I needed to find someone who I wanted to run with, who liked running, and who was available when I was.

She was sitting across the desk from me the whole time: My co-worker. (I’m currently on maternity leave but technically she is still my co-worker)

As soon as I thought of it I texted her to see if she was interested. She wrote me back right away saying she was so I grabbed my marathon training plan and figured out a schedule. We will be running together three times during the week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I will still do my long runs on the weekend by myself because she will not be training for a marathon but she knows there is a standing invitation to join me.

We started this week and let me tell you I love having a running buddy!

The time goes by quicker.

We get to catch up since we don’t spend seven hours across from each other anymore.

And I get to push someone, which in turn pushes me.

We are currently doing a 3:1 run/walk ratio to build a base before the mileage increases on the training plan. I keep telling her my goal is to push her, not kill her. I am succeeding so far.

My love for running has increased in just two short runs all because I have someone to share it with.

And not only do I have her in real life but I also have another friend who I am “training” with. I put the word training in quotes because we live over two-hours away from each other but we are both training for our first marathon, which we will run together. We have already figured out how we want to tackle the training and the actual marathon. I’m hoping we can get together for a couple of long runs together once the mileage increases. We figure if we train the same we should be able to race the same.

Running with friends; I doesn’t get any better.

Do you prefer to run solo or with a buddy?



  1. I definitely like to run solo. It’s my therapy, but…. so glad you found a running buddy. :) Yay!

    • I’m still going to enjoy my weekend runs solo! It’s nice to have the option now though, especially since I’m still scared to run with the stroller :)

  2. I like to do both especially now that it’s super dark early in the morning during the week. I actually might have a new buddy for those runs. Fingers crossed! Glad you found yours!

  3. A little of both. For shorter runs during the week I like to run solo. A time to unwind from the day. For long runs on the weekend I like to have a running partner. It’s usually my husband :)

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    • Love that your husband is your running partner! My husband isn’t a runner (he’s tried multiple times but just doesn’t enjoy it) plus, he watches the kids while I run :)

  4. I usually run with my dog, and she’s a great partner but she doesn’t make lively conversation :-) . A couple days a week I run with my husband, which is nice, but he has always had the habit of running in front of me. Not the same as a girlfriend! When I trained for my last marathon I did my long runs with a gal who was training for her first. It was great to have someone to run with. Those long runs went so much faster.

    • My dog is my running partner when I’m on the trails. I don’t like running with him on a leash so leave him at home when I do pavement-only runs. I always make it up to him though :)

  5. I was a solo runner for a while…until I decided I need to be open (not scared) to the idea of being more social! Now, I love group runs :)

    • I used to always say I didn’t like running with people but I think it was just a ploy because I didn’t have anyone to run with. Now that I do I love it :)

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