10 things I know about the number on the scale

I originally wrote this list when I was an active community member on the Eat Clean Diet website. I wrote it for everyone who was struggling to stay off the scale, for everyone who weighs themselves more than once a day and is upset by the ups and downs, and for all the scale junkies out there.

I used to be a slave to the scale. I would weigh myself at least twice a day and would be upset if the number went up in less than a 12-hour time frame.

Now I weigh myself once a week.

I also know that the scale is only one way to measure success when committing to a healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to share it here as a reminder to myself to not let the scale run my life as I once again embark on my weight- loss journey.

It is easy to get caught up in the numbers but it is important to look at the overall picture.

Enough with the rambling.

Here they are:

10 things I know about the number on the scale:

1. I weigh the least first thing in the morning right after I have peed.

2. If I go number two, the number goes down.

3. If I drink a glass of water after my initial weigh-in, then weigh again, the scale goes up.

4. I weigh more after I shower.

5. My weight fluctuates between 2-3 pounds throughout the day.

6. My weight goes down 2-3 pounds while I am sleeping.

7. If I weigh myself before I eat, and then after, my weight goes up. (I did this once with my husband more as a joke than anything).

8. My weight changes depending on how many clothes I wear when I step on the scale.

9. I weigh more after a workout than I did before a workout.

10. I no longer trust the scale to give me an accurate picture of my overall health and fitness.

Many factors affect the number on the scale and this is why it is important to take it all with a grain of salt.

It took me a long time to develop a healthy relationship with the scale, but I now take it for what it is: a number.

It is not an indicator of my daily mood, nor is it an indicator of how fit and healthy I am.

It is just a number.

Let’s all work towards developing, or maintaining, a healthy relationship with the scale. I guarantee you will better off without it controlling your life.

I know I am.


  1. Fantastic post! So many people let the scale dictate how they feel about themselves. I’ve succumbed to it occasionally too. Now I just focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit!

  2. Fight it Ladies! (i know some guys too but this is mostly something i hear from women) Are you getting faster? Are you getting Stronger? Better Endurance? all the while working on your nutrition? if yes, Then generally speaking your body will get there, lots of things going on inside these amazing machines.

  3. number ten
    number ten
    number ten.

  4. Great list! I rarely weigh myself. If I’m not careful I get caught up in the numbers too easily.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  5. great post!!! i weigh once a week also and then realize that so many factors make up that number.

  6. love this reminder!

  7. Great post! I have found that I have to stay away from the scale completely. When I caught myself negotiating in my head about the number I’d see, I knew things were bad and learned to stay away. At the same time, I have to promise to be honest about the way my clothes fit and use that to keep myself in check.

    Great post.

    • I have had to get my husband to hide the scale on me before – once for an entire month because it was starting to run my life. I’m not ready to get rid of it yet but my relationship with it is way better now!

  8. Love it!

  9. #10. Hands down, #10. I was plagued by the scale for the longest time…the scale doesn’t tell me I’m a half-marathoner! It’s simply a number/tool to be used as a guide.

    • I wish I had a scale that when I stepped on it it just read *runner* :) I still think it’s a good tool, just not the only one and definitely not something that should dictate my mood or my food choices for the day.

  10. I couldn’t agree more!! I usually weigh myself once a week, but have learned that if the lbs are different by one or two then call it ok ;)

  11. Love it.

    I weigh myself every couple months… it really isn’t a barometer for being fit, in shape, healthy, or the opposites. It’s a tool that works with other things.

    Number 2, hehehehe.

  12. All of those truths apply to me too! Hence, I only believe the scale first thing in the morning, after bathroom time and if I haven’t eaten carbohydrates the night before. Obviously, that’s the most accurate weight. ;-)

  13. At first I was a little concerned with all the facts about the scale, but number 10 brings out all the truth that is needed. The scale doesn’t determine anything.

  14. love this! THANK YOU!

  15. This is a wonderful post. Thank you from someone who struggles with this :)

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