Two feet on the ground

Today ended on a high note with a 3 mile run on my favourite trail with the dog.

I headed out after supper, and before bedtime, to fit in some much-needed movement and alone time. I did a 5:1 run:walk ratio and felt great. I have some stiffness in my calves but nothing that can’t be taken care of with some foam rolling.

I needed this run today to make me feel better mentally about eating a few ju jubes this afternoon.

I know in the grand scheme of things a few ju jubes isn’t that big of deal but the fact that I ate them just because they were there is kind of a big deal.

Even after reading Melissa’s post over on Live, Love, & Run about mindful eating (go check it out) I still ate the darn ju jubes.

But I’m over it.

Normally when I do something like that I would throw my hands up in the air and call the day a total write off. Basically, I would use a few bites of some “forbidden” food as an excuse to eat all the crap that I could get my hands on. That wasn’t the case today and that in and of itself is something I am proud of.

Instead I ate a giant salad with roasted chicken breast for lunch and moved on with my day.

Even my run could have easily been pushed aside because the friend I was supposed to run with had to take a rain check.

So despite the ju jubes I’m deeming day 2 a success as well.

And now I know not to bring them into the house for a while. Not until I can trust myself to keep my hands out of the bag.

I also know that a run at the end of the day is a beautiful thing and the perfect way to clear my head and reflect on the day – while keeping one eye on the look-out for bears.

That’s why I run with the dog :)

Until tomorrow…


  1. I did the same thing…after my 4+ mile run I had a pepsi a few hours later. I was thirsty and didnt want water. It happens. We are allowed to indulge on occasion, we just move forward and try to do different the next time.

  2. it is a success.


  3. Argh! ju jubes! I don’t even like them that much but have eaten a handful here and there and then just kick myself for it.

    Now I know that they are not gluten-free I just don’ eat them. Nice run!

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