Fitting it in

Lincoln had one when he was a baby and now Teagan has found her groove with what we like to call The Witching Hour.

The Witching Hour (don’t be fooled, this can extend to many hours depending on the day) is that lovely time of day where we’re ready to pull out our hair because nothing seems to settle the little one down. In the grand scheme of things we have it easy but I definitely don’t look forward to this time of day.

Until now.

I found a solution that involves a pair of sneakers and the Snugli, and one that allows me to fit in some fitness on days that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Every evening between the hour of 6 pm and 7 pm I strap Teagan to my chest and take a walk around the neighbourhood. She instantly calms down and I get to move.


The joke is I ran and walked too much during pregnancy so now she needs to be on the move – I can deal with that :)

Last night I went on two walks. One by myself and one with a toddler. I’ll let you decide which one was quicker.

Let’s just say the toddler walk included discovering a culvert (or mouse tunnel as I was told), watching a tractor drive down the street, standing on the road looking at the sky as a plane flew by, and trying to deter Lincoln from the neighbours house because it was past his bedtime.

The second walk may have been slower but was definitely my favourite.

Since I’m still trying to fit in exercise where I can I have a feeling these evening walks are quickly going to become my most favourite time of the day.

It’s all about fitting it in where you can.

The rest will fall into place.


  1. Love it! My daughter went through a witching hour too — and walks in the stroller was the only thing to make her happy! Most days, I was training clients at the gym, so my husband was on witching hour duty :)

  2. Awww how sweet! I loved it when my wee ones would walk with me. Now I have to beg them at times to go!


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