10K training plan

I am seven weeks out from the BMO Okanagan Marathon 10K happening on October 7, 2012.

The Hal Higdon 10K Novice training plan is an eight week plan giving me just enough time to prepare myself for the event. I’m calling it an event instead of a race because the only person I will be racing is myself.

We are still settling into a schedule around here so I’ll be following the plan loosely. I don’t want to add any extra stress to my mind and body by trying to follow the plan rigidly. I will, however, make sure to get in the three runs each week but will continue to use my 3:1 run/walk ratio until my body is ready to run the entire distance.

Cross training and strength will be easier to accomplish since I can do it at home. And while I have a treadmill in the basement I want to run outside as much as possible before the snow arrives.

Yes, I wrote the word snow.

Specifically, I want to run here as much as possible before winter even though it’s just as pretty anytime of the year.



Today the plan calls for some stretch and strength, making today the perfect day to complete day 2 of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.

I’ll also finally take my before pictures tonight. Whether or not I am ready to share them yet is still being decided.

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