The baby has spoken


With only one week to go until the Vancouver half-marathon baby #2 has decided enough is enough.

S/he is apparently done with running long distances, which means I am done running long distances (until after the baby is born of course).

I’m frustrated to say the least.

I knew it could happen but I guess I wasn’t as mentally prepared for it to actually happen as I thought I would be. I think what bothers me the most is how well things were going up until this past weekend and why they had to change just one week away from the race.

One week!

Don’t worry. Nothing is wrong. It’s just that baby has gone through a growth spurt and it is very uncomfortable to run right now. My ligaments are stretching and it feels like the baby is pushing on my stomach from the inside and it is not a pleasant feeling. I explained to Andrew that it felt similar to the way our three-year-old son pushes his feet into our backs when we are asleep; also not a pleasant feeling.

The pain goes away when I rest and relax so I am taking it as a sign that I need to scale back on the activity for now. Running 13.1 miles on Sunday would be the exact opposite of that so I have made the decision to not run the race. I’ll still be there though to cheer on my friends and the other runners who have worked so hard to get to the finish line. I may not get to run but there’s no way I’m missing out on a girl’s weekend to the city!

I admit that it freaked me out but I’m lucky that my Mom is also an obstetrics nurse and only a phone call away.

My running may be on hiatus but looking back I know I have a lot to be happy about with respect to being a pregnant runner.

I’m 25 weeks pregnant (in my 26 week) and I have been running up until now. For the past 6 months I have been able to keep running and I can’t forget that.

I ran the Vancouver Sun Run 10K in a time of 1:18.

I participated in the 25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay (recap coming soon but I wanted to get this post out-of-the-way first).

I’ve inspired two friends to train for a 10K in October with me as their coach. I plan to run this race with them – it will be my first race post-baby and I’m already excited!

And at the end of the day a healthy, happy baby is way more important than another half-marathon finisher medal.


  1. that’s rough! good call though – i’m totally impressed you were keeping it up like that. have fun cheering – i think that’s more fun sometimes.

  2. Veronika says:

    It’s frustrating when things have gone so well up to this point and you have to scale back a bit. I ran a half at 23 weeks but now at 30 weeks I doubt I’d be able to do it. Everything with pregnancy is day-to-day – don’t be discouraged. You’re already doing your best for you and baby. I do definitely sympathize with your feelings though – I’m in the same boat. My runs are down to 2 per week and even those don’t always feel great. But I try and remember every run is a blessing!

  3. Oh Jenny- so sorry that this happened so close to your half. But…… I know from experience that it is best to listen to the baby. There’s always another race. You should be proud that you ran as long as you did. You are fabulous!!! I know it’s frustrating, but I went down the same path and now I appreciate running so much more. Hang in there lady. Hugs!

  4. Congrats on the pregnancy, first of all – I’ve been a bit AWOL so hadn’t heard yet! And I can imagine how frustrated you are but I bet you’re so over the moon about your baby. It’ll all be worth it in the end!

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