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To kick off the weekend I thought I would share a few running related links all courtesy of the CBC.

The Perfect Runner

This documentary “celebrates the modern love of long-distance running by exploring our evolutionary past as a species defined by its ability to run.”

I’m not sure if those of you outside of Canada will be able to watch it but definitely give it a shot.

Q&A with Harvard anthropologist Daniel Lieberman on why humans run

“Every year, on the third Monday of April, 20,000 people line up to run the world’s oldest marathon, in Boston, Mass. — a horrible place to run. The weather can range from rainy to snowy to unbearably warm — sometimes in the same day.

So why do people do it?

Harvard University anthropology professor Daniel Lieberman and his collaborator, University of Utah biology Prof. Dennis Bramble, argue that humans were born to run.

Their groundbreaking study, published in the journal Nature in November 2004, got the scientific community pondering the hypothesis that it’s our ability to run, not walk, that sets humans apart as the world’s dominant species.”

Q&A with Kathrine Switzer - the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon!

“April 19, 1967. The Toronto Maple Leafs were in the early stages of their march to their most recent Stanley Cup championship. Expo 67 was preparing to open its doors in Montreal to what would turn out to be 50 million visitors celebrating Canada’s centennial. And south of the border, a 20-year-old college student was lining up with the men, preparing to do the unheard of — to become the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon”


  1. Thanks for sharing these links. That Lieberman article is really interesting!

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