Another runner in my life

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all (OK, so maybe not all of you, but definitely some of you) for the past few months.

It has to do with running and it also has to do with my ultimate New Years goal/resolution that I have yet to share.

You see, for the past few months I have had a running partner that I haven’t mentioned.

Now this running partner is like no other.

Instead of encouraging me to get out and run it has been making me want to sleep on the couch.

Instead of challenging me to pick up the pace it has made me a whole lot slower.

And instead of helping me fit better into my clothes it has sent me running to find something that fits comfortably.

The best part though is I’m absolutely Ok with all of it because I’m really just grateful my new running partner is allowing me to run at all, which brings me to my ultimate New Years goal:

I want to be a pregnant runner.

Yep, that’s right, I have Another Runner on Board :)

I’m still amazed at how quickly my body reacted the second time around – where the heck did that belly come from?!

It’s been tough to keep this part of my life a secret on my blog, which probably explains why I have been absent more than usual, but I needed to get into the second trimester before making the big announcement. I am due at the beginning of August and since Lincoln decided to arrive almost two weeks early I suspect this one will arrive in July.

So what does this all mean for my running and the races I am currently registered for?

Not much really, except I have no time expectations and I am running according to how I feel not by how fast my Garmin tells me I am running.

It’s actually a nice mind shift and although I do know how fast (or slow) I am running it hasn’t had the same effect on me that it normally would.

I also have the full support of my husband, family and midwife to keep running throughout my pregnancy as long as I feel good.

At first I contemplated not running the half-marathon in May but decided that even if I have to walk some of the course I’m still going to try. I have been in touch with the race organizers and they have informed me I can leave the course at anytime If I need to. I have checked out the course map and am familiar with the area but at the same time I am confident that it will be a fun experience.

As for the 10K in April, well, that is notorious for attracting a lot of participants so I’m already prepared to go slow just because it will be so crowded!

So what does this all mean for the blog?

Not much really, except instead of me writing as Another Mother Runner, I’ll be writing as Another Mother Runner with Another Runner on Board :)


  1. You’re so cute! Can’t wait to do maternity photos with you!

  2. Barb Anderson says:

    I am sooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys and soooooooooooooooo excited. You look amazing. Love you soooooooooooooo much.

  3. ha ha! – I had a feeling something was up since you were not posting much but I knew you would be training! Congrats, and send a big hugs to Sims as well!

  4. Hi Sweetie
    You brought tears to my eyes.I just love your blogs.Take care

  5. Oh that’s fantastic!! Congratulations!! :)

  6. Yay!! I am so happy for you and the family. I hope you have a wonderful experience with a runner on board. I can’t wait to share this journey with you through your blog :)

  7. Oh wow Jenny! Congratulations!!! What fantastic news!

  8. Jen @ Jen's Creative Moments says:

    My sister ran a marathon last May while pregnant…you’ll be great!

  9. Congrats Jenny & Family :)

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