WIAW No. 10

This edition of What I Ate Wednesday is all about our Fall Harvest. I decided it was time to cut into one of the squash we grew in our garden this year and I am so very happy I did.

I chose a buttercup squash.

I simply scooped out the seeds and then roasted it in the oven.

The raw squash smelled a lot like a melon to me but the end result was perfectly squashy. I kept taking spoonfuls all day, and had a bowl for lunch, so now there is only 1/4 of the squash left.

We also grew spaghetti and acorn squash but they are being saved for another day.

The Fall Harvest continued with apples from our friend’s tree. These apples, which I think are Galas, are the sweetest, crispest, juiciest apples I have ever had. The apples stayed on the tree until after the first frost which is why they taste like perfection. The fact that they were grown in our friends back yard is just a bonus.

I made a raw apple crisp using a date/almond/oat/cinnamon combo for the topping.

Until I realized that the Fall weather actually called for a hot apple crisp so I baked it in the oven for 20 minutes so the apples were still a little crisp.

Tip: soaking the dates in boiling water softens them to make processing them easier. Plus, you can use the ‘date water’ to thin out the mixture without adding any additional sweetener.

Our two-year-old ate a bunch of the topping before the apples were even sliced.

Now head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out what Jenn and the rest of the WIAW bloggers are eating this week.



  1. making apple crisp is one of my favorite things about fall! yum!

  2. yummm… fall foods are always comforting :) especially baked apples!

  3. Love the idea of adding dates to the crumble topping…I was just thinking about putting the dried dates INTO my apple crisp, but this takes it to a whole new place. :)

    PS- Buttercups have been delicious here in Texas…but spaghetti squash is still my tried and true, “can eat it at any time of day or night” favorite!

  4. You grew squash? I’m so more than jealous. That is the #1 thing I’m going to grow when I have my own garden.

  5. I love the idea of that raw apple crisp! I’m loving squash and sweet potatoes these days :) I have a big b-nut squash at home just waiting to be roasted ;) and I literally got 10 lbs of sweet potatoes from my garden so those have been making an appearance in my diet a lot!

  6. My cousin makes crisp all summer – peaches, blueberries – whatever combo of fruit is in season. Usually hot with ice cream on top!

    My spaghetti squash recipe is from OMW. Remove the seeds, fill the cavity with chopped onion, tomatoes, peppers , herbs and bake – a little water in the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle with parmesan at the end. I scoop it out in to a casserole dish to make it easier to serve.

    Lincoln might like it with the squash cooked plain and piled on his plate like spaghetti noodles, with sauce on top.

  7. Late harvest Gala’s taste great, but the later harvest reduces their storage life. Find a cool place for them. A fridge is best, but the ripening gas they give off (ethylene) will affect other things in the fridge like brocolli.

    Small quantities in a slightly vented bag will help too.

    How can you tell that I once was a post harvest specialist in apple storage…

  8. Oh I would love to have my own fall produce. I am too lazy, busy, lazy, busy, lazy, & busy for a garden….lol!!

  9. What a great crisp!

  10. The apple crisp looks delicious!

  11. Apple crisp is one of the tastiest baked goods. I love the cinnamon…so good. I really enjoy raw apple crisp, but only if the apples are sliced really thinly and coated in an orange juice/date syrup. With an almond/date crust, it’s like joy on a plate.

    • That’s another reason I decided to bake it because the apples were too thick. I will definitely slice them super thin the next time I decide to make a raw crisp. I think it is my favourite desset, I make it all the time and hardly ever follow a recipe – I just know what the topping should look like at this point and add ingredients as I go.

  12. What? Buttercup squash? I’ve never heard of that! I want to try it! :) I’m so jealosu that you have your own squash in your garden. Can I come over? ha!

    • It was so buttery that I had a difficult time sharing with my family. Wait a minute, I don’t think I did share, oops :) Come on over anytime, my husband also grew a whole whack of hot peppers!

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