See you soon dear coffee

My husband’s most-dreaded phrase to hear from me is this:

“So, I’ve decided…”

Whenever I say this to him it is always met with the same initial response: “Uh oh.”

It’s not always bad, and it usually doesn’t require anything from him, but I like to inform him of the choices I have made no matter how short lived they may be. No sugar for October? Yea, that lasted until I made a batch of Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls from Oh She Glows.

My latest decision?

I’m off coffee.


I tend to go through phases with my coffee consumption. One cup a day turns into two, two cups turn into a whole pot, a whole pot turns into making another pot in the afternoon until I reach the point where I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t really have a reason for wanting to stop drinking coffee right now, it’s just turned into something I do a few times a years so my husband was not overly surprised this time around.

I don’t believe that coffee is ‘bad’ for you but I do think I have been drinking too much of it lately. Foodtrainers wrote a great post last week about coffee that touches on how the stuff you put in your coffee (just milk for me please) is usually worse than the coffee itself. I also find when I drink coffee it makes me crave baked goods and sugar – the two just go so well together!

And I really like coffee, which means I will probably buy a bag of decaf coffee beans soon so I can still enjoy a morning cup of joe (minus the cinnamon rolls of course).

I have made room for one small indulgence though.

Once this arrives from Helen over at Helen, Naturally I will definitely be making a cup. I was lucky to win her Blog Birthday/Anniversary giveaway last week and am excited to try out some of her favourite things. I suggest you check out her blog because she is fabulous.

Maybe Cinnamon Roll flavoured coffee will mean I won’t want an actual cinnamon roll.

Not likely.

Are you a coffee drinker? Does coffee make you crave sweets?


  1. christa simmonds says:

    Coffee makes me crave coffee. Work makes me crave coffee:)

  2. My husband has been off of coffee for several months. He went off of it during the throes of the First Three Months, wherein we were sleeping approximately 30 minutes each night… while coffee was the only thing really keeping him awake, he was also not able to hand write anything legibly, and could feel his heart racing.

    Why is he still off of coffee? That is a mystery. Because every saturday when I make a pot for myself he says “That smells so good.” or “I so wish I could have a coffee right now”. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just have a coffee. Maybe he thinks it will escalate?

    anyway, good luck with your endeavor – hopefully it will help you curb your sweet tooth!

    • It’s funny how we need a little to get us going but too much makes it hard to function! I do like the sounds of a Saturday coffee routine though, something to think about once this is done.

  3. Goodluck with your coffee consumption. I drink too much of it myself!

    I am happy that you are making room for your indulgence, I can’t wait for you to try the coffee :)

    Thanks so much for te link!

  4. I always watch people’s coffee dilemmas with interest. I’ve never been a coffee drinker. While I love how it smells, I just can’t stomach it. It tastes…yucky. (Sorry to all of the passionate coffee lovers out there!) Good luck with your new decision!

    • Thanks. I used to feel that way about coffee but then one day I decided that I was going to learn to like it! Now I really do like it and don’t even need the pile of sugar that I once needed. Come to think of it, I took this same approach with wine :)

  5. Good luck with staying away from coffee. That new coffee you’ll be receiving soon looks mighty delicious though! :) I have a coffee in the morning and then usuallya tea or Coke Zero in the afternoon to get me through they day. Right about now actually. ha! :)

  6. interesting that they say coffee leads to sweet cravings…I guess that could be true in my case…but then again, one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other..but I do like them both :)

    • I remember in University I used to enjoy coffee paired with chocolate-flavoured Tootsie Pops while studying. Maybe that’s when the sweet-coffee connection began for me because I spent a lot of time studying at the local coffee shop :)

  7. I feel the same about coffee – no harm in a little bit. I’m a 1 cup every 1-2 days girl. Really I just like having something warm in my freezing office. :)

    It doesn’t make me crave anything; it actually make me NOT hungry!

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