10 mile recap

I had my last long run for this round of training on Sunday. It still seems surreal that the next time I run that distance will be at the half-marathon. I don’t know where the time went but I am excited for Sunday! I have already come farther than I did last time (in 2008) and that itself is a huge accomplishment for me. The goal this week is to remain injury free and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Here is the run down on my last long run.

What I ate pre-run:

Granola with coconut, raisins and milk plus water and coffee.

My thoughts:

I woke up later than I had planned and even though I was happy my son slept later than 6 am on the weekend it also meant I was rushed for time. As a result, I didn’t have time to cook oatmeal but the granola worked out just fine. Oats in all forms agree with me and I will definitely be eating oatmeal (and setting an alarm) before the half-marathon on Sunday.

What I wore:

I wore the same thing again on this run except the Run Swiftly LS was pink and I wore a Run Swiftly Racerback tank underneath. The running shoes, hat, capris, etc. didn’t, and won’t, change – but they will be washed!

My thoughts:

It was cold and wet on Sunday morning but I didn’t want to wear a jacket because I always get too hot in a matter of minutes. Instead, I decided to layer my Lululemon Run Swiftly Racerback tank under my RS long sleeve. This way if I got too hot, or if the sun decided to shine, I had the option to take off the long sleeve without putting on a show for everyone. It worked out perfectly and in the end both shirts stayed on. This will probably be the line-up for the half-marathon because the long-term forecast is calling for chilly weather. You may be wondering why I chose pink instead of the usual gray? For starters, this shirt is a size smaller than the gray one and I haven’t felt comfortable wearing it until now, and I also wanted to add a little pop of colour to the wardrobe :)

What I ate/drank during the run:

Honey and 1/2 a lemon-lime Nuun tablet.

My thoughts:

That little pack of golden deliciousness fits perfectly into my water bottle holder and was just what I needed to get me through the last 4 miles. I’m still undecided whether I will run with my own water or simply rely on the aid stations for hydration and fuel. The BMO Okanagan Marathon organizers will be providing Gu Brew and Gu Gel at the aid stations, along with regular water I am assuming, so there will be options. The only problem is I’ve never tried either of those products. I know they will give me the energy I need but will I like them? Decisions, decisions.

What I ate post-run:

Veggie and pork stir-fry with Braggs.

My thoughts:

My husband still thinks it’s weird but I love this as a post-run meal. Not sure what will be consumed after the race on Sunday but I am already planning to eat some kind of veggie/protein/rice combo the night before – Thai take-out anyone?

What I looked like after the run:

What my running shoes looked like after the run:

My thoughts:

As I mentioned above, it was a wet and chilly morning. I also decided to run my trail loop a few times and as a result my running shoes got a little dirtier than usual. I didn`t mind the temperature and definitely won`t be complaining if it is the same on race day – I would rather be a little chilly than too hot. I felt good after the run and my pace was on par with how my training has been going post-IT band injury (11:30 minute mile) I think I can do better than this on race day and know that is the time to really push myself. I notice a difference in my pace and overall step when I run by people so I think the group mentality is going to play in my favour.  No matter what happens though I will just be happy to run across the finish line regardless of what the official timing clock reads. I can`t lose sight of all the hard work I have put into my training and I need to trust that I did what I needed to in order to get the job done.

Jillian, we are going to rock this out!


  1. Ahhh, I am so proud of us! And am so grateful we found each other and were able to partner up and get through our training together. My marathon is just over 6 months away…you need to find one near you too! We would totally rock it!

  2. I’d say if your comfortable holding your own water bottle-go for it! I’m taking mine because you never know when an aid station will run out of something, or be located in a different spot than on the map. Good Luck this weekend :)

    • Do aid stations really run out of stuff? I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do but think I will prefer to run without my bottle. Like I said, decisions, decisions :)

      • They can-there was some problems with this at Melissa’s in Banff last month. This is a big, popular race and two stations weren’t there that were on the map and others ran out of water (i wasn’t there, but my neighbour who was told me).

        I was in a race last spring and the water station handed out tiny dixie cups with about an inch of warm water in them :( I’m bringing mine just in case, but i like having my lip stuff and some money with me, but don’t run with anything that has pockets so my handheld is perfect.

  3. Wow…it’s really coming up fast. You must be both excited and nervous! I can’t wait to read about your experiences next week. Good luck on Sunday!

  4. You go girl .My thoughts will be with you as you complete what you set out to do
    Love you sweetie

  5. You go girl….you are going to rock that race. Loving the Thai take-out plans :)

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