Running Play list

I am slowly perfecting my running play list. I still have a few songs to add thanks to a Facebook plea I put out yesterday, but for those looking for some new music, or who are simply interested in knowing what I like to listen to, here you go.

Jenny’s First Half-Marathon Play List.

  1. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble
  2. Single Ladies – Beyonce
  3. You can call me Al – Paul Simon
  4. Push It [Again] remix – Salt-N-Pepa
  5. Unkind – Sloan
  6. Misery – Maroon 5
  7. I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
  8. Make some Noise – Beastie Boys
  9. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
  10. Doctor Jones – Aqua
  11. Oh…Canada – Classified
  12. Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  13. Hot Dog – LMFAO
  14. Hey Kids – David Usher
  15. Anybody Listening – Classified
  16. Telephone – Lady Gaga
  17. Dirty Little Girl – Shwayze
  18. Happen Now – Joel Plaskett
  19. Push – Moist
  20. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
  21. 5 Days in May – Blue Rodeo
  22. Leave me Alone (I’m Lonely) – Pink
  23. Breakin’ Up – Rilo Kiley
  24. Hey, Soul Sister – Train
  25. Jump – Van Halen
  26. F**k You – Cee Lo Green
  27. Lights – Ellie Goulding
  28. Say Hey (I Love You) – Micheal Franti
  29. When Love Takes Over – David Guetta
  30. Dog Days are Over – Florence + the Machine
  31. The Dynamo of Volition – Jason Mraz
  32. Get Ready for This – Workout music remix
  33. Nowhere with you – Joel Plaskett
  34. The Rest of my Life – Sloan
  35. Bombs over Bagdad – Outkast
  36. Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J
  37. Just Breath – Pearl Jam
  38. Always Feel this Way – Tristain Prettyman

Can it get anymore diverse than that?


  1. I love how eclectic your taste in music is! And I also love that you have two David Usher songs. He’s my ultimate unattainable object of affection. I’m deeply in love him. (Don’t tell my husband. Actually, go ahead…I don’t care. He’s in love with Anne Hathaway, so it’s all good.)

  2. Love the list! Got some great jams on there!! I suggest Green Day “Basketcase”, Britney Spears “Stronger” and Bush “Glycerine”

  3. “I’m gonna knock you out”……perfect song! Glad to know I am not the only one that listens to old music as well as variety!

  4. This looks like my kind of playlist! Some of my faves that you may like:
    Thrash Unreal – Against Me
    Amphetamine – Everclear
    Swagga Like Us – Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, TI
    Human – The Killers
    Always Where I Need to Be – The Kooks
    Paper Planes – MIA
    Cyanide – metallica
    Combat Baby – Metric
    Great DJ – The Ting Tings
    Aenema – Tool
    Oblivion – Wintersleep
    Month of May – Arcade Fire
    Wolf Like Me – Tv on the Radio
    Tarantula – Smashing Pumpkins

    let me know if any of them work out for you!

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