My favourite food, hands down, no question about it

If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be Pez, cherry flavoured Pez, no question about it. pizza.

I love pizza.


I LOVE pizza.

A friend once asked me what my favourite food was and without hesitation I said pizza.

It might seem boring but the flavour combos for pizza are endless.

I used to be all about the thick crust but now, the thinner the better.

Our pizza-making skills have been improving one dough-ball at a time and on the weekend we discovered the best way to achieve the perfect, crispy, thin crust pizza.

I credit Martha Stewart for the dough recipe. Her recipe, from her Baking Handbook, is so versatile that I often swap in different flours (spelt, whole wheat, etc.) depending on my mood. The results are always perfect and we can get three pizzas from one single recipe.

It has been unbelievably hot here lately but when a girl wants pizza, a girl needs pizza.

Enter the BBQ.

It’s our new secret weapon.

That and a hot pizza stone.

All I can say is WOW!

I pre-heated the stone on the Q and as soon as the dough hit the hot stone it instantly started bubbling and cooking. I added the toppings once the dough was on the stone to avoid any pizza mishaps.

We made a Tomato Basil Roasted Garlic Pizza.

A Veggie Pizza with artichoke hearts, green olives, red pepper, onion and mushrooms.

And a Man Pizza with salami, hot peppers, Onion, mushroom and green olives.

We also took advantage of the hot BBQ and fire roasted some jalapeno and yellow Hungarian peppers for a later use.

Each pizza was topped with marble cheese.

Just like thin crust is better than thick crust, I have slowly learned that less is more when it comes to cheese.

We only have one pizza stone so we had to cook one pizza at a time. Although it may seem tedious it really just means that by the time the last pizza is cooked the first two are at perfect eating temperature.

We also don’t have a pizza cutter so we use a giant cleaver instead.

The crust was super crispy and didn’t succumb to the weight of the toppings we piled on top. A key requirement for perfect pizza.

And the best part about a thin crust pizza is you get to eat more toppings and less crust.

Pizza crust, after all, is really just a means to eat the toppings.

And now, 50 bonus points to the person who can name the movie I referenced at the top.

Hint: It’s one of my all-time favourites.


  1. We’ll have to charm Ethel in to grinding you some of her wheat from Saskatchewan.

  2. I LOVE pizza too!!

  3. Stand By Me :)

  4. oh that pizza looks perfect! you can never go wrong with pizza :)

    • It’s true. Even when pizza fails it’s still usually good. Except that one time when a restaurant put canned mushrooms on a pizza, that was wrong on so many levels.

  5. My husband would love to have a roomie like you……his favorite is pizza as well. He begs me on a weekly basis for pizza take out. I like it but I have other foods that I love more :)

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